After telling you last week that I thought complaining helped me get my Tablet PC, and complaining to 2 people via e-mail today that I was bored after being out of the office for 3 days, my temporary crowns popped off while I was flossing (yes the dentists did say it was OK to floss). Gross. Well, I was wondering what was going to get me out of the house this week. I thought it was going to be the art museum and signing up for some beading classes...but's another trip to the dentist! They are going to have to name one of the rooms after me (or my teeth)..the Heather Hamilton molars number 16 and 17 room....well, at least I am getting out of the house (yes, that is me trying to be optimistic and no, that's not natural for me...just go with it this once, OK?). Grrrrr.

As for the bored, I've already gotten a lot done over the weekend. I sealed the grout in the kitchen back splash I just installed...the irony of the dental situation isn't lost on me here. Finished off my holiday shopping, wrapped presents, did some cooking, cleaned the house, all the laundry, read about ten magazines and watched everything on my Tivo. After 4 years of working on my house, there's just not that much more that I want to do to it. The problem is that having done so many home projects over that period of time, I got in the habit of using time-off for those types of projects. Not that the projects were that fun, but the sense of accomplishment was great (especially the fact that I learned how to do some many things and didn't have to pay anyone to do them). I always had a project waiting for me.

So now, having time off, it's weird to sit here and wonder what the heck I am going to do for the next week and half. Definitely some reading and watching movies, may even catch up on my blogging (mostly reading blogs and linking...I haven't been so great about that) but I need something (other than the dentist) to get me off the couch. But I'm not complaining. Because there are worse things than the dentist yard work.