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January, 2005

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    USC...National Champions...period

    A couple people have asked why I haven't posted anything about the NC game last night on my blog. I figure that the people who care already know and there's not much to say that hasn't already been said. So as not to completely bore those of you who don...
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    Another Silicon Valley Interviewing Opportunity

    A wise man once told me to give plenty of advanced notice when you plan an interviewing event (OK, so it was last week and it was Pradeep...thanks Pradeep!). We are in the early stages of planning another Silicon Valley event. Right now it looks like...
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    It doesn't matter what job you apply to and it never has.

    OK, I may be overstating that a little bit but hear me out. I'm always talking about what *good* recruiters do. I also give a lot of advice to candidates that want to get noticed by these *good* recruiters. Earlier today, I mentioned that resumes do not...
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    Dr. John's Recruiting Trends 2005

    Dr. John Sullivan always has something interesting to say. His 2005 trends analysis is spot on if you ask me. All of these different trends will affect us recruiters/companies/industries differently (for example, assessment is less of a hot issue for...
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    Job Search/Career Tips for Marketers

    From, here are some job search tips for marketers. I'm OK with most of it. But number 5..."resumes are dead" is dead wrong. Resumes don't sit in a pile anywhere. They sit in a searchable database and this is the first place a recruiter...
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