If I were one of the contestants on the Apprentice, I might take offense being labeled as either "street smart" OR "book smart". Like you can't be both. I'm trying to figure out what I am (stop it). I know I am street smart but I think I am book smart too (I'm sure this will be the next topic of conversation when I talk to my mother...just wait). Anyway, many people are both. Many people are just one and don't know how to take advantage of their strength. Just a little introspection...it will give you something to think about on your commute home tonight, right?

So, given the discussion already about book smarts and street smarts (can we call them BS and SS...maybe not), and my firm belief that you cannot really judge based on limited info (that's why we do the interviews, folks), I guess I am finding the division of the 2 teams a little trivial. For example, you could assume that the street smarts kids are scrappier (if that's not a word, let's let it pass this once). But think about someone who had to work 2 jobs to pay their way through college. Now that's scrappy too (not to be confused with Scrappy Doo...sorry, I digress). The point is, whatever you think you know about these people on these teams could totally be proven wrong. So it's fairly trivial.

Given that, you could pick a number of different factors to split up the teams. I thought the gender thing was a little played out...like they wanted you to say "women are so this" or "men are so this" (there were plenty of ridiculous comments on both teams). But there could be a bunch of other teams they could come up with. For example, would it be interesting to see Olympic athletes versus pro athletes that have successfully entered the business world.  How about a team of only children (OK, maybe I'm hoping that this would be my chance to get the Donald's attention) versus those from large families. Either way, the production company is picking people that are remarkable in some regard. What other kinds of teams could be interesting?