OK, so we have had so much fun discussing the Apprentice. You think you know who's best...who is going to win...prove it! ; ) No seriously! Chris Woodruff has set up a group for us in Yahoo's Apprentice Fantasy Game (thanks Chris!). Impress your virtual buddies with your business acumen and attention to detail.

My co-workers who read my blog (especially the ones that bring up things I've said here in meetings...you know who you are) are required to play...this means you Holly, Suzanne and Joe!

Anyway, I hope any/all of you who read this blog will join in...it will be fun to see whose predictions come true. It won't win you a job at Microsoft, but you'll earn the respect of all who read this blog, including your truly ; )

Here's the group info:

Your Group ID#: 16934
Your Group Name: Heather's Group
Your Group Password: coolmarketing 

Hope to see you in there...

PS: Scott, Auburn can't win the Apprentice ; )