Wow..that was pretty intense last night, huh? I could almost smell the hotel rooms through the TV...yuck. So here's quick update on our Apprentice Fantasy Game. I thought I would report on the top 5 contenders. Then we can chat about how they made their picks if you want. Tomorrow, I'll recap the episode with my observations.

Top 5 Fantasy Players

HeatherLeigh (that's me...just remember I evaluate talent for a living...I'm sure some of you are going to give me a major run for my money!) with a score of 91

ChrisWoodruff comes in at 75

ScottReynolds in a close race with Chris at 72 points

JimmyM comes in with 60

Jubblies (interesting name...what does that mean? ; ))...56 points

Honorable mention to Devin Reams who missed 5th place by one point.

It's going to be a long season (especially if Danny sings again)...keep on picking those winners!

I'm away from the computer for the rest of the day...more tomorrow.