Last week, I did an Internet radio interview with Dawn Fotopulos of ("On-Demand Internet Radio - The Voice of Career Success"). This is my first radio interview and it was lots of fun. I'll be doing more with Dawn and Peter in the future. I met Dawn and Peter at the Kennedy conference in New York. I didn't fully understand the concept then (that people would listen to a radio show on career issues...could there be that much demand?) but I'm loving the idea. Given that part of what I (and many of you) are trying to do online is connect, and that much meaning is lost in print (inflection, sarcasm, often humor don't come through too well in writing), it makes sense that the sound of ones voice, normal conversation, all could help people connect with you a little better. Besides, I'm kinda charming...don't you think (hope you got the sarcasm there...wink, wink).

I listened to the broadcast today. It's always a little painful for me to listen to the sound of my own voice, but I think this radio interview turned out well. I thought my Chicago accent was gone but I can now confirm that it isn't. And I now believe my friend Sunish, who once mentioned that I totally articulate certain words so it sounds like proper English (kind of how I say my name so you really hear the consonants), and like saying "yes" instead of "yeah". Kinda freaky but good to know what I sound like.

Anyhoo, this may be worth a listen if you are an Apprentice fan or want to know if I can actually string together a good sentence in person. ; ) 

Have fun!