Oopsie...I meant to post this earlier. Not that it matters that much because those of you playing know where you stand. But I thought I should give JimmyM his props and drop it like it's hot (OK, I have no idea what that means but check me out! I'm down with the D-o-double-g).

Still in first place...me but dropping like a brick after a fairly dismal performance last week. My picks were a bit rushed, but no excuses. I think I picked NetWorth to win and Danny to get the boot but nothing else. I'm thinking this could be a long game ; ) (33 points last week for 124 total).

OK, now check JimmyM. Moving up...he had 51 points last week. The highest for the week and enough to move him into second place. At 111 points, he catching my backdraft but I know he's there ; )

ScottReynolds places, also with a pretty bad performance last week. But with his previous strong performance, he's in a solid third place with 95 points (Hmmm, I think I really want to be a sportcaster when I grow up...this is fun! I just refuse to call anyone a "difference maker"...that bugs me)

Fourth place belongs to Catherine Jane who may win in the end because she is consistent. She comes in at 94 points (go girl!).

And Devin...woohoo!...you made it into the top 5. No courtesy nods for you dude! With 77 points it may have been a bit of a squeaker but you're in the top 5, edging out ChrisWoodruff who didn't get his picks in on time (dude!).

So maybe JimmyM wants to share some of his secrets? Hmmmm?