Lately, I've noticed people documenting their customer experiences via blogs. BL Ochman's experience with Dell's customer service department, for example. Most companies treat their customers as well as they have to. Never delighting, but always trying to be the same or a little better than their competitors (it costs money to treat customers well). That's not really how I do my work, but it's what I've observed. As a blogger, I proceed through my day thinking "should I blog this...would anyone care?" What generally comes to mind are the questions people ask me, the trends I notice and outlying that I mean very bad or very good, with other people/companies, etc. I'm probably not that different in that regard from many of the other bloggers out there.

Bloggers from any of the companies discussed in the customer experience feedback would likely link back to the comments (well, the positive ones anyway) and/or try to help address any negative feedback (brave, huh?). But many of these companies don't have bloggers. Since blogging is about sharing experiences, opinions and information, I wonder if we'll see customer experience feedback centralized in some way. It could be the bloggers version of Consumer Reports.

Oh, and by the way, I had dinner at PF Chang's in Bellevue last week and the service was simply outstanding (I'm not a regular there...I was pleasantly surprised). Honestly some of the best service I've had (it was like the server was reading my mind). I'm a variable tipper...I tip big for that kind of service ; ) My friend Ann laughs at me because I write notes on the credit card slip: "service was excellent" that so weird?