Well, my job has changed (just in time for my office move). This is a good thing since it's pushing me further into what I love (creating broad programs and strategies that are not specific to any one business at Microsoft but impact how we hire people across the company) and away from what I have already done (lots of phone screens and working on reqs). It was just time for a change, especially since I have been doing this for a while. So along with the fact that my job description is changing, the scope of work is changing too. I'll also be working on programs for finance. If you've hung around here long enough to read my bio, you know that I started my recruiting career in the finance space, so I have to re-learn some things. Part of what I will and already do is work on processes. The other part is really a marketing job focused on attracting the folks that aren't looking (so now I'll be able to talk more about marketing from the standpoint of someone that's doing it...officially!). I feel pretty lucky to work in an organization where management has the flexibility to create a role based on my own personal strengths. The more I write about this..the more I think I have a lot for work to do!

Anyway, so here's my question...given the fact that I'm still going to be blogging, what do you think about this being a marketing and finance blog? Taking into account blogger fatigue if I were to have 2 blogs, of course....plus that fact that a lot of what I blog isn't specific to one discipline or the other. Would I lose readers if I blog about both? I was thinking about tweaking the design a bit anyway...what do you think?