OK, great feedback one whether to have 2 blogs or one. I'll be making changes to my blog over the next couple weeks (time for a new style anyway, don't ya think?). One blog it is!

Another thing I've been thinking about is how my feeds are organized. I'm working on a project to direct market to our ideal recruiting targets (more on what our target is later...this is the result of all that analysis I was blogging about before). Of course, we want people to opt-in to hearing from us. So I'm starting to reach out to people and network with them, ask what kind of info they want from me, encourage them to stay in touch, etc (this includes you guys, by the way). I'm a little worried that they will think I'm a bit of a nut when they get my e-mail because it's so hard to explain what I do and many, many people have very low expectations of recruiters, based on some bad experience they have had in the past. Anyway, initially, we were thinking about direct e-mail and possibly some cool collateral if we can figure out what "cool" is to our target audience (my interpretation of cool is something that gets their attention, supports our brand and that they won't throw away the minute they get it...something they might even share with their own network).

Blog readers are definitely a subset of my target. But still many of the people I want to reach out to aren't that familiar with blogging (except maybe hearing about it on the news). So, while I would like to push info out to people by RSS, I will still need to send out the same info by e-mail. So here are my questions...you guys were so great to provide all that feedback before (and honestly, a lot of it was so sweet and flattering, that I am probably going to keep going back to look at the comments...reminds me why the heck I am doing this):

1) We've identified some specific areas of interest for candidates in marketing and finance (we call these pipes, by the way...I'm sure I'll eventually use this term without explaining so best to explain now): hot jobs, events, career news and tips. What am I missing? Even if it's not something that is on my blog right now? What do people want to hear about from me...especially the folks that aren't actively looking?

2) How much is too much? Lots of stuff in your blog aggregator is different than in your inbox, right? How often do people not actively searching for a new job want to think about career planning?

3) Here's the tough question: most recruiting outreach takes place in person, via phone or e-mail. Is it too much of a paradigm shift to really deliver career related info regularly via RSS feed? Are people in career-planning mode when they are browsing their bloglines account? If most of one's network are on e-mail but not RSS, is sending out info via RSS really limiting their ability to send it out and share with others?

I get why RSS is important...I'm just not sure that the people that would receive my info via RSS wouldn't be better served by receiving in their e-mail instead. Part of it is about peoples' comfort zones but it's also about making sure that what I send out has legs. Thoughts?