Over on his blog, Ernie Booth shared a recent experience with a vendor company that initially said they were Microsoft, then said they were a "gold partner" to Microsoft. I spoke with Ernie last night to get details and checked with the folks that handle our placement agency contracts. I confirmed that we neither work with this company, nor do we have "gold partners" in recruiting.

Anyway, I guess I can't be too surprised that companies would try to leverage our name to get the attention of candidates. It's still disappointing. If you EVER hear of an experience similar to Ernie's, feel free to contact me and I will check it out. I think about all the work I do to attract people to Microsoft and how easily that is undone by someone that doesn't share the same ethical standards (trust me, there are shady recruiters out there...I've met some of them). It's a small percentage of bad apples that mess it up for the rest of us.