I often wonder how people find the time to read business books. I can never get through all the things I need or want to read. At this very moment, I have 3 months worth of magazines stacked up next to my fire place. I'm trying to decide: entertaining reading material or fire starter. Better decide before it gets too warm outside. That's not to mention the basket of work related articles, e-mails, etc., that I had sitting in a pretty little basket in my office. Who gave me the advice to take it home? It's sitting under a console table by my front door.  And I started a new basket in my office! Ahhhhh! At home,  I have shelves and shelves of novels waiting to have their spines cracked (most purchased at a discount, I'll have you know). And lots of business books at work that mock me; "Heather..you need to read me..how else will you understand 'The War for Talent' and 'How to Make your Contacts Count'? And I sit in the library so I keep getting more free books. Who could resist?

Reading used to be my favorite hobby, after being a control freak. Now the fact that I can't get a handle on all of my reading (refer to hobby #2), has made me totally lose it (refer to hobby #1). This is leading me to hobby #3...wine. Like Susan Powter said..."stop the insanity!".

Anyway, here's a link to a site that was forwarded by one of my co-workers (thanks Nancy!). Getabstract.com provides abstracts of the most popular business books. You can prove your mastery of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People over martinis...because you'll have time for a social life if you don't have to read the whole book.  Plus you won't have to endure the giggles of co-workers when they realize what you've been reading (just a not that my copy of "Dealing with People You Can't Stand" was purchased well before I started here, but it gets a few laughs when people see it). I generally find that most of these kinds of books stretch out simple concepts so the book has some heft (for $17.95, there better be). So why not skip the fluff and get to the good stuff? Like having a life (Or in my case, getting one)!