In June, we are playing MSN's HR team in softball and some of us were trying to think of funny team names. MSN can be something like "the search engines", but since our HR and Staffing team covers so many different corporate functions (ops, HR. finance, marketing, legal), we need to come up with something that is more general. Some of the names we came up with:

The Talent Warriors

The Strikes

Human Capitals

Personnel (only funny because it's such a 70s term)

HR (Home Run) Hitters

The A Playas

I Want a Pony (I don't know why that seems so funny to me, but it's probably just me)

I have some other names here but none of them are funny enough. Can someone help us out? Gotta keep in clean and funny. Let's hear some recommendations...


PS: I'll let you all know what we go with and I'll take pictures at the game too