I took yesterday off (I know...shocking, huh?) and went to Mariners' opening day with my dad and step-mother. I usually avoid early season games because they can be quite chilly. But you have to make an exception for opening day, right? And you have to have at least one beer and one hot dog. And it's a plus if you get to shop at the team store (we did and yes, it was on sale).

It was brisk though...so don't judge the couture, OK? ; ) No comments on the goofy hat! I included that picture just because of that hat...fabulous, isn't it? Oh wait, don't answer that! Some crazy people had just sweatshirts on. I think it was in the 40s, except when the roof was open (considerably warmer with the sun shining on you). Many warmer games in the future.  M's won.