I'm behind on the Apprentice recaps, I know. I watched last weeks episode while it aired (you know for actual entertainment...I guess I was encouraged by Erin's departure) and out of sheer habit or a subconscious feeling of general disgust (pick your target...there are so many), I deleted it from my TiVo list. I had watched it, but just didn't take notes like I usually do (Pradeep-I'll be guilty of watching it twice this time). So, I'm willing to watch it again (ugh). I picked up the airing from last night (CNBC or something). This morning I had to decide whether to play with the dog or watch the Apprentice. Jonas won.

Anyhoo, I'll give it a look tonight and recap tomorrow, though I suspect that much of what I am going to say has already been said. But I do look forward to using the word "meatball" liberally in the post. And I won't be talking about the pizza!