Someone recently asked about hiring international folks (do we do it, what do recruiters think, etc.). The fact that people ask this question at all makes me wonder if they are concerned about a bias in the staffing industry or if recruiters aren't doing a good enough job of explaining to candidates their hiring parameters. I believe it's the latter.  There are a few things recruiters generally think about when hiring people from other countries: 1) Is the person eligible for a visa and are there visas available? 2) Does the group that I am hiring into have a relocation budget? 3) Does the position require US experience (for example, in the marketing space, if the person is marketing to US-based customers, experience with US market segments may be required, or if it's an accounting position, principles vary by geography as well)? 4) And more broadly, is this the right person for the job (though I believe that goes without saying and applies to ALL candidates)?

If you are an international candidate, either living abroad or residing in the US, you might want to think of these things as well when interacting with recruiters. If you aren't being considered for a position, you should be asking why (everyone should be asking this). Hearing  "there are no visas available at the time" means something different than "we have no budgeted for relocation" and will help you understand how to follow-up with the recruiter in the future.

Hope that helps!