I've been involved in a number of conversations lately about "quality of hire". Every time a recruiter explains that they are goaled solely on number of hires, my stomach churns a bit. That's just not right! I've ALWAYS been a quality person...always. Sometimes it means your numbers aren't as high as they could be, but if the right people are in the right jobs, who cares? Anyway, instead of recapping the conversations, you can view them...here, here, here and here.

Not that I am opinionated or anything, but when will recruiters start to care about what their clients care about? Notice the blank look on their face when you rattle off HR-specific metrics like "time-to-fill" and "cost-per-hire"...all the while the hiring manager is thinking, that is great for you, but what about me...when will you fill my job with the RIGHT PERSON?