Back from my quick trip to Vegas. It was my first time. Did what I wanted to do there. Now I think I'm good. I didn't realize that the trip was going to come with a rite of passage: getting ripped off. Basically, I think that much of that town has been set up to market to the lowest common denominator, so even the best of us fall for it.

Exhibit one: our cab driver from the airport asked us if we should take the freeway or surface streets. Come to find out he was trying to figure out if we knew the area so he could rip us off. A $12 cab ride ended up costing us $31. I'll know better next time.

Exhibit two: I'm not a big Starbucks drinker but I need my coffee and it was a caffeine emergency. A grande latte, inside a casino...$1.50 more. Because it tastes so much better when you are inhaling second hand smoke and viewing people that just stuffed the last of their savings into a "Wheel of Fortune" slot machine.

Exhibit three: Willing to pay $2 for a diet coke and the vending machine ate my money. When I called reception, they told me that I would have to come down and fill out a form to get my money back. But no mention of fixing the vending machine. Interesting.

Exhibit four: the hotels get you lost of purpose so you spend more time in their casino. And some of us are directionally challenged to begin with. My friend Denise kept saying "why don't we just ask for directions?". Denise is married, so she can do that.

Well, it was an interesting trip and I'm glad I did it. I got to do the things that I really wanted to do. We saw Ka', the new Cirque de Soliel show and it was fantastic. And both nights we ate at excellent restaurants: Nob Hill at the MGM Grand and  Bartolotta at the Wynn (and I'm still full). And I think my presentation went well...we'll see when I get the feedback I guess.

Taxi ride: $31, Over-priced, watery cocktail at the Wynn bar: $12, having a cab driver tell you that you look like a hooker: priceless.