At the Kennedy Conference on Tuesday, there were some questions about out community building efforts, most specifically about blogging. I'll recap a few of them here (not nearly as funny as the Apprentice, sorry), and then open it up for anyone who has additional questions. If you are new to blogging, just hit the button at the bottom of this post to add a comment and ask your question.

Some of the questions that were asked at the event:

How long do you spend on blogging?

***about a half hour a day. A good part of that is reading blogs. You need to read others' blogs and link to create your blogging network. Also, a lot of the posts are just links to things other people posted on. You don't need original prose every time ; )

How do you know what's OK to blog about?

***you have to use common sense. We don't have blogging regulations but we do have guidelines, which are basically "don't say anything stupid". We hire smart people here and are trusted to use your judgment. I've never had anyone from PR question what I have here. Bill Gates told us to do it, so that definitely makes it comfortable.

Other questions? About anything related to community building or blogging or staffing at Microsoft?