OK, so just to get ready for the finale next Thursday (edit...thought it was tonight...why must they tease me?):

Kendra's website (funky)

Tana's website (beware, it has sound...really....silly...sound)

I'm not sure if I'm excited about it because I want to see who wins or because I am just relieved it's over. Anyway, it's no mystery that I want Kendra to win. So, let me just say this: if Kendra wins, I'll recap another season. If Tana wins, I'm out. I don't think I can go through another season like this one.

And just for fun, start thinking about the most ridiculous thing you saw or heard this season. I think the potential for ridiculousness tonight is very high. But given what we have all gone through to get to this point, don't we deserve to vent? So save it for next week and we can all compare our top picks for most ridiculous whatever.

(Must have been wishful thinking...hoping last night was the finale...unfortunatley, one more episode of suffering under out belt. Anyway, edited this post)