Well, this certainly isn't going to be much of a recap because the finale want much of a show. On the positive side, we were spared uncomfortable interviews by Regis (sorry, not a fan) with people that are afraid to have cameras pointing at them.  On the negative side....well, where do I start?

1) We didn't really get any new info, other than the fact that Tana came up with the round shape of the Pontiac brochure (big deal!).

2) We had to listen to Erin talk again. How can she be a lawyer? Her grammar is atrocious!

3) Trump got totally confused (between Erin and Kristen) and when Kristen tried to correct him he got real snippy. Nice manners! I'm considering moving this item to the positive category, now that I think about it. Sometimes it's so bad it's good (I mean, have you even SEEN the Surreal Life?)

4) Bill Rancic and Kelly Perdew have never appeared more stiff and highly gelled. If one of them had to move, they may have cracked.

5) Poor camera work that caught the backs of peoples heads, Danny bolting across the stage, Kendra looking confused as she was given instructions to go view her new $20,000 car. I mean seriously, when things went wrong, they were sure to catch it up close

6) Was this thing half commercials or was it just me? And taking the first 15 minutes to recap the season? Quit it Trump, that's my job.

7) Trump kept bringing up Kendra crying. OK, yeah, yeah we get it...Kendra = young, smart and emotional. Tana = nutty, unprofessional and high-energy. It's almost like you could refer to Kendra as the book smarts person and Tana as the street smarts person. Maybe they should have considered that as a theme for this season.

Let's see if I can pull some positive things together here:

1) Carolyn has a personality and I think it's probably a nice one. Ditto with George.

2) One of the choices was to run the Miss Universe Pageant. No offense but I would not consider that a reward at all. Gee, you could relive the high school trauma of having the pretty girls be mean to you in how many different languages? You could learn how to think of gum as dinner. I'd pass...but Tana wouldn't! She wanted that gig...because she could sell them all some Mary Kay. Whee! Anyway, the spectacle of it was amusing.

3) No audience interviews, No Regis. No musical numbers.

4) Kendra won. And Trump in all his interviews pretended that he hadn't decided on the winner until they were on TV. Lame attempt to appear edgy but I don't buy it. At this point, though, those little stunts are a laughable annoyance. So points for the humor and the consistency.

5) No music by Danny

6) I didn't have to watch it twice to recap it.

That's it kids. No more until Martha in the Fall. Looks like Chris is going to recap the Trump episodes in the future. Good luck Chris! And now to end the season, let's share our favorite quotes! I'll start.