Those darn people at Jobster are winning me over. I've been speaking with them for some time, but now they' figured out how to hook me...allowing me to publish jobs on my blog and to give all of you the ability to share my info without having to act as middle person (do you get those e-mails too?...I want to tell those people to just contact me directly...seriously, I am not that hard to find even if you are 3 degrees away).

I know, I know. My first thought was "ugh, more social networking stuff...more so-called connections". This is different. You know I wouldn't try it if it wasn't. So here's the deal:

You all are well networked (I know it because some of you have sent people my way). Knowing that some of you might not be looking for a finance or marketing career *right now*, your network of contacts could. And they might even appreciate you forwarding our job info their way (or putting them in touch with someone that could help them out down the road...yep, that's me). The best part is that they don't have to "connect" to me. You can forward our job info on to them and I don't even need to know about it. You and they can sign up to hear from us on jobs in the future if you want, but you don't have to. So instead of trying to make everyone 1 degree away, your network stays *your network* (brilliant). And you get to decide what info passes along to the people you know.

Well, I suspect that the Jobster folks would do a better job of explaining it than I would. Suffice it to say that the pesky things that bug me about social networking ("I know we have never met before, but please join my network"), don't exist in Jobster's offering. So I have agreed to take it for a test drive. Let's see if you like it. Click on the link below to enter and we'll take it from there. This is an experiment, kids. Feel free to try it out and let me know if it's something that you think you and others would be interested in. This is not sales pitch...if it's great, let's use it...if it isn't, let's not.

Microsoft is hiring!

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