Last night, I pulled into my driveway and pressed my garage door clicker...nothing. Clicked again, as my next door neighbor watched from his driveway, appearing a little too amused at my frustration. Click, click, click...nada. Stepped out of the car and clicked again until my neighbor told me that it's not gonna work. His doesn't work and neither does the neighbors' across the street.

Get this...apparently, military bases have taken over the transmission frequency of some garage door openers. My neighbors saw Robert Mak (our local citizen-advocate-news-dude) on TV a while back explaining the problem. Here's an explanation via CBS news. My questions is how many frequencies are available? Could they have picked another frequency? Ooops, channeling Chandler there, sorry.

Any guesses how much new garage door openers are going to be going for? I know, I can pay to get my frequency changed, but many people will take this opportunity to replace the GDO instead of putting more money into an older one. And I probably need to replace my garage door anyway. It's going to cost me how much? And I didn't even have the pleasure of breaking it myself. Sheesh!