People make a big deal about work anniversaries here. I think it's partly because time passes so quickly and slowly. I still feel new and I feel like I have been here through so much; gotten so much done, changed a lot...changed my hair color.

Six years ago today, I had to pinch myself in orientation (yes, you officially work for Microsoft now, Heather, now mellow out!) and introduce myself to my new manager that I had only met via video teleconference. I got my badge picture taken when I still had flippy Chicago hair...the kind that doesn't work in the misty Seattle climate. Sat down in my office...MY OFFICE...AT MICROSOFT (no window, of course). My first week I sat through a whole acronym laden meeting, only understanding "the" and "and". Met my clients and realized that I had a lot of work to do before they trusted me to hire their people (luckily, that happened quickly). Worked through my first Seattle winter without realizing that it was seriously  dark at 4 PM (remember, interior office). Went to the company store and bought a bunch of stuff I didn't need just because it said Microsoft on it. Painted my office purple. Made some stupid mistakes that I thought I would get in trouble for, but didn't (see previous sentence). And finally figured out how to get my job done.

Six years later (different job of course), I realize that I have never done anything for 6 years. Never lived in the same place, never had the same job. I miss being new and I am so glad I don't have to do it again!