I never gave an update on the outcome of our softball game with MSN. I wanted to share pictures...you know, pictures of HR folks wearing athletic clothes and getting rained on...and I was procrastinating because of the outcome. Well, I have to admit that MSN kicked our butt(s). We hear that they practiced a lot (and allowed spouses of employees to play...hmmm, suspicious), but no excuses. We were great in practice but for some reason, none of us could hit when we got out there. We looked less like the Talent Warriors and more like the Bad News Bears. We are a really competitive team (in the attitude sense, not skills, evidently), so we really wanted to win. Anyway, I wanted to share some of the pictures.



Here's our team before...all clean and dry and thinking we had a chance

The fans go crazy during the game (OK, I'm not saying if any of them were already that way before...this means you, Andrew!)

Our MVP Rachel

Good game...good game...

After...wet, dirty, trying to get over it ; )

With the MSN team...easy to smile when you win guys, huh? ; )

Drowning our sorrows in burgers and ice cream. Kudos to Pat for remembering the tarp! Oh yeah, and the ice cream, which mixed well with the large beers and fried cheese I had afterward ; ) My stomach still hurts.