Wish I brought my digital camera today. My new office has a nice sunny window (morning sun...my favorite kind) with garbage dumpsters outside (how do you type that sound they make on  game shows when you lose....wah-wah-wah-wahhhhhh). Where my office sits today used to be the cafeteria for the building (hence the need for big garbage receptacles). Amazing how quickly they turned open space into shiny new offices. Anyway, any window is good, but I've been waiting for those dumpsters to go away. They installed entrance doors right around the corner, so surely the dumpsters will go.

So today, leaning up against the dumpsters, still wrapped in plastic are some cool looking canvas cafe umbrellas. Could I be so lucky? Is it possible that the dumpster garden is going to be replaced with tables and umbrellas? Right outside my office? And my team won't have to pile into my office for happy-hour? Sweet! This could be my best office yet!

Oh also, I'm going to be a rebel and do without the dusty white board and the cluttery cork board in my office...it's looking more and more like home.

PS: I'm taking a looong weekend. Out after today and back on Wednesday so there will be no blogging while I am oof (Microsoft speak for out of the office).