I'm always a fan of the little guy (or gal)...the underdog...the *new* person trying to do something different, do something on their own...asking for advice before they ask for help. To that end, I'm going to point you to a new recruiting blog. It's new (oh yeah, I already said that)...there's not much there yet, but I like what I see so far (you know when someone asks for advice and they actually take it) . It's written by Tim Donnelly at Aquent in LA. What I like so far....since he's a third party recruiter he's taken the approach of highlighting top talent in addition to job openings...hello...brilliant! Because the blog is for candidates AND clients (pssstt.....the clients pay the bills, and the candidates are the "product" they market...so really who isn't a customer in that scenario?)

Also, he updates us on the food that is sitting by their printer. That's sufficiently cheeky for me. So far, so good.