Yes, you too can! Whew, good thing I am not "down with the 'big family thing'". You can read commentary from Monsterblog here. My personal take:

1) If it's viral advertising, I think hawking your employee's romantic life is bit gross and invasive.

2) If it's truly to find Lance a date, I can't believe they didn't ask him first and then why the corporate logo and bios of co-workers?

Worst part, Lance's co-workers seem to think that single people require intervention. Yes, there's clearly something *wrong* because Lance is single (read their comments). Their CEO says: "I knew the first time I met with Lance that I wanted to hire him, but that he'd be the only person on our marketing team without a significant other." Uh, excuse me....who cares? And also, are you kidding me?  What does that have to do with hiring for the job? 

I gotta say, I am not offended by much, but they got me. Maybe, I'm feeling a little sensitive today (it's possible...I've been incredibly busy), but I'm still not buying whatever they are selling.