Our Finance Networking Event is tomorrow (big, deep breath) and I was thinking about how, if I go into a room of marketers or recruiters, someone talks to me about blogging...always. I'm just wondering if that is going to happen tomorrow. Hey, I know that blogging took off among the tech folks and the youngsters first (I can say that because I am neither of those). Getting a stronger following in marketing and recruiting (whee!). I haven't seen it *take off* among the finance peeps yet. There have been blog posts about it, but I think accounting and finance bloggers are still a novelty (I hope they stick around and that community grows).

Anyway, here are some people blogging about finance related blogs (talk about navel gazing...I apologize to anyone who has ever known or been associated with me). Blogging about people blogging about blogs...nice, Heather.

So the experiment is this: will blogging be mentioned by anyone but me tomorrow? If so, how many times?

PS: my blog url is in my auto signature