In my job, I think a lot about talent "pools". I wish I had another word. I find smart people, consider what they have in common with other smart people and where they get together and I reach out to them. Pretty much my job in a nutshell. It combines my need for "the thrill of the search" (I don't like the predatory sound of "hunt"...nobody is prey here) with my affinity for marketing. Yeah, color me lucky.

Anyway, working in a function and role where marketing, people, customer experience all cross over, I think a lot about some of the dynamics of my role in Staffing and how it impacts other parts of my life. One that occurred to me recently is where quality recruiting talent pools. We all need to find our peeps; share, learn from others, sometimes commiserate. I'm not responsible for recruiting these people (although if any of them wanted to work at Microsoft, they should feel comfortable sending along their resumes to me). It's about engaging for mutual benefit. Curious people make great recruiters. I think it's a combination of curiosity, intellect and risk taking that separates the average staffing organizations from ones that are "world class" (psst, you should never have to tell someone you are world class, they either have a world class experience or they don' is cheap...hey, wait, did I just talk myself out of blogging? Anyhoo, more on that later).

Anyway, I've spent 2 days in a room with some of the smartest staffing people you'll find and I'm totally energized (thanks Gerry, Mark and Carol and co). THE way to up your game is to surround yourself with smart people. Makes you feel like you can change the industry.

On another topic (not related to the event), I had a conversation with someone (not someone from Microsoft) who told me that recruiters that identify with"staffing" rather than "HR" aren't "world class", don't work for "world class organizations" and aren't part of the "talent continuum" (ugh, there was more...think she had something on her mind?). This was directed right at me after I mentioned that I am all about the Staffing. My response to the comments didn't include much more than "I don't buy it", in consideration of the conversation participants (I know, check me out biting my tongue).

So this conversation is a burr under my saddle and I have to get it out. Where's that soapbox?

You know what is "world class"? Companies that allow smart people to harness what they are passionate about (yeah, for me that's staffing....can't imagine why that's a problem). People that treat everyone like customers (I was clearly not a customer in that me, now I am not a customer...confirmed!). Being real and honest (I try my best). Frankly, your arm gets tired if you are patting yourself on the back and it starts to get lonely.

Like I said, if you are truly world class, it's about the don't have to tell people about it (doesn't it all start to sound like a bunch of buzzword poppycock anyway?). Starbucks calls it a "green apron experience" know why you don't already know about that phrase? Because they act it, they don't tell you. But you know what they are talking about. For me, I just consider everyone a customer in each interaction I have (sorry, our marketing groups haven't given us a fun phrase for it...come on guys!). I guess it falls along the lines of "be excellent". And I am doing my best to live that...for me that means doing what gets me fired up...which is staffing...and doing it well.

Yeah, so that conversation really got me going, but not how you might think. I guess I could be insulted if I didn't already know that it was a bunch, bull (PG rated I can do). Anyway, I needed to purge this experience because I found it disturbing, sad.and incredibly motivating (thanks!). And I really don't want to get into details about who and where. I'm simply not threatened by the opinion or my value or my role (you all know that's not my style).

I'm sure there was some *reason* for the comments. Regardless, sometimes a little unfounded smack talk gives me the boost I need. Can't wait to get back to the office and turn up the volume.