Things have been busy lately, which I guess is a little obvious here since I haven't been posting as much as I'd like. I'm winding down after a crazy 6 weeks, finally catching up on mail. Incidentally, I've heard from a lot of great people lately (thanks to the folks with the HP Alumni group that have been putting people in touch with me!) and the thought that I can help is totally energizing, despite the fact that inbox is quite full with no signs of letting up. But that isn't what this post is about...

My office is near an entrance to our building; people walk toward, then past, my windows to get to the door At the door, people press their badge up to a little black box, wait for the door to beep and then enter. I think I already mentioned that my office is new construction where our old cafeteria used to be. And the best part about my new office (the part that is amusing me and keeping me sane right now) is that I have those reflective windows where, when it's daylight outside, people can't see in...only their vivid reflection. But I can see them.

I feel a little guilty about my level of amusement, but I figured that since I am one of the clumsiest people alive and am good at laughing at myself, I can be amused at what people do in my window everyday. Staring in intently to see if they can look inside, then realizing what they are doing. Checking their hair...checking other things. Gazing with self admiration at their physique (I kid you not). It's fantastic! I love people.

It's all in good fun (there's no pointing, no picture taking). Maybe it's a coping mechanism.