The big buzz in the staffing industry right now is around the definition of aggressive recruiting and "best practices". Specifically, the debate centers on whether some recruiters go too far by misrepresenting themselves (impersonating competitors employees), strong-arming candidates to get referrals (withholding offers until the candidate provides names and numbers). There's more, I'm just grossed out.

The debate started with some articles written by industry expert, Dr. John Sullivan; someone I know and like but completely disagree with on the topic. I'm sure that many in the industry are watching the spectacle though only a few have commented, either on one side or another. You can read the articles here, here, here (click on the discussions link at the bottom to review the commentary). I'd really like to see some other leaders in our industry take a stand on this. I honestly believe that the reputation of the Staffing function is being maligned by a few (this is nothing new, by the way).

My opinion is best summed up by Nick Corcodilos at He provides advice for the job seeker, which I highly recommend that anyone in the market right now read (or anyone that will ever be in the market...this means you), lest you cross paths with a recruiter utilizing less than *honorable* practices.

My opinion is that lying is never a "best practice". And that even the most *strategic* of recruiting initiatives that produces results can harm an employment brand beyond repair. In my opinion, honest and aggressive are not mutually exclusive.

My blog, my opinion ; ) Honesty is a best practice.