In his article, Ten Simple Rules for Dating a Blogger, Pete Blackshaw explains how to court a blogger...professionally. The article is written like a how-to for dating but what we are talking about is getting the attention of bloggers, building relationships, linking, etc (you didn't think I was going to talk about personal dating relationships did you? hee!)

Some good ones that I have seen people break recently:

Heed the bloggers eyes and ears (AKA: don't cross me or I'll blog it). I think I have a back log of these in my mental files. Though I've purged a bit recently and it felt so good!

Don't be pushy or sneaky...boy, do I have a ton of mail that could serve as an example for this one. Gotta love the people that think they will get something more out of you by being mean. Psst, it doesn't work!

Anyway, interesting info for people that are focused on marketing in the blogosphere (and aren't we all?).

via B.L.Ochman