Well, you may have already heard by now about our reorg announcement today. As of now, I don't think I'll be affected directly since I don't sit in a business division, but have to say that a little change makes things interesting. Though I couldn't have articulated the need for this change very eloquently before it took place, it makes complete sense to me! It's about being market driven, if you ask me (nobody did, but this is my blog so I am just going to pretend).

Hopefully, within the groups, this change will make collaboration with the right people easier and will allow for decisions that make individual products work better with each other, allow for some new thinking on existing product teams, meet customers needs better and push us into new markets (did I forget anything?).

I generally expect a reorg (which isn't a bad word here like it is other places) every 2 years or so...guess we were due for one. If I hear more info on how this changes the way we work or how we market here (better, I suspect), I'll share.

Before anyone asks, yes, the positions that were open yesterday are still open today (with the exception of the ones we filled within the last 24 hours). No change in how we are hiring as far as I know. Sentiment around here is that this is a good thing.