I'm doing this with Kennedy Info on October 14th. Some content will be similar to what I have presented at ERE and CXR in the past, but a bigger emphasis on "how" and I'm excited to take lots of questions. Like...

-How much time do you have to spend blogging?

-How do you come up with blog topics?

-How do you measure results?

-Are you afraid of getting in trouble?

-What's Bill Gates really like? (not to ruin the suspense, but the answer is "I don't know")

-Are you out of your mind, woman? (OK, I probably won't get that but it would be funny, especially since I'll probably forget I wrote this here)

Anyway, if you are thinking about blogging on behalf of your company's recruiting efforts and have not made it out to one of the big events in person, this could be helpful and I hope to hear you on the call (was going to say "see you there" but that doesn't work).