I hate to say it and I'm just waiting for my bloglines subscribers to drop off. I took my computer home on Tuesday to re-cap my Tivoed episode from last week. I typed some notes and then started to think about how I actually dreaded doing the re-cap. It's fun to be funny, but it was so much work (stopping and starting the episode to take notes, composing them into a re-cap and entering them here...together took about 3 hours). Last night, I watched the current episode and I felt a weight lift off me when I deleted it (plus much less self-loathing). I'm sorry to disappoint those that come here for the recaps...hope you can find something else to like about me ; ). Trust me, I feel like a much more likable person now that I am less grouchy on Wednesday nights.

Think what I'll do is something short and fun related to the Apprentice. How about weekly advice for the departed Martha wanna-be? I think I have some good stuff right now on that.