There is snow expected here tomorrow (or tonight)...for some reason our weather-casters are wrong about 50% of the time (what a job...can I be wrong 50% of the time and still keep my job? Probably not!). They obviously have not figured out that if they predict rain/overcast between November and March, they have a pretty high likelihood of being correct. Generally, the kind of snow we get around here is pretty wimpy, at least that's what my inner Chicago girl thinks. We get just enough for us to relish the novelty but not enough that it becomes bothersome. Enough to get out your camera and have some fun with your dog or kids; not enough for it to become a soot slurpee. Enough to get out the scarf and mittens; but not enough for the ski mask.

Anyway, due to the novelty of our annual dusting of snow (it pretty much seems to happen just once a year, if that), people pretty much freak out; and by this I mean that they stay home from work (which is fine by me...I live at the top of a very steep hill; going down is easy, coming back up, not so much). We are all reminding each other to take home our laptops tonight, "just in case". See, Seattle doesn't really have all the plow trucks that our eastern brethren do. So basically, we have the adult version of a childhood snow day and all us so-called grown ups get a little giddy at the thought of working from home as the white stuff drifts down from the sky. Keep in mind that we could work from home anytime, but for some reason, the snow day is still a guilty pleasure (add tomato soup and grilled cheese and it's perfect).