Last night, I accompanied my step-mother to Nordstrom's "Private Shopping Event". If any of you are wondering how bad my shopping issues are, you should know that Lynne was the invitation owner, not me! Last year, Nordstrom did a shopping event for Microsoft employees (with a chocolate fountain...I kid you not), but that one was really more geared around kids stuff (taking pictures with Santa, um, the chocolate fountain which I actually saw little fingers dipping into...gross). The event last night was different and I'd say an ingenious way to get people to spend money. Also, I must be an easy target.

Nordstrom closed off the store from the mall. The event was invite only. At 7:00 champagne was served and it kept flowing the whole time (let's just say I got my fill...servers were wandering around with bottles). Let's just say that impulse buying is a little more palatable when you've got a bubbly little champagne buzz going on. Hand-passed appetizery stuff. Free shipping on purchases (no need for me...I bought for myself). Extra Nordstrom points (which basically net out to 10% credit back on purchases). Great musicians playing jazzy holiday music (not the annoying kind...wait, is that just me?)

Anyway, if you've never had someone bring you a fresh glass of champagne in the dressing room (trust me, it helps you get over the bad lighting), you are missing out.

Let's just say I splurged a little. It was pretty awesome. I have to wonder how much Nordstrom makes on an event like that. I spent plenty and I couldn't have had THAT much champagne (OK, I did wake up a little parched this morning). Great marketing tool!