Lately, I've noticed people cutting and pasting content off my blog and publishing it on their own blog. That's stealing and I don't like it. I'm totally OK with people quoting me, linking to me, etc., etc. But when it is obvious that someone is cutting and pasting off my blog (even one sentence...I know my own writing) but they don't make it clear that they are quoting me, that's totally uncool. Since these people are obviously reading my blog, I thought I'd mention it here. And I am asking you (you know who you are) to stop.

Like I said, you should feel free to link to me, but do not cut and paste without attributing it to me and do not paste an entire blog post of mine onto your blog. If you are using a couple sentences, with quotation marks, my name and link to my blog, that's fine. Otherwise, don't.

Man, that makes me grouchy.