So it's always good to have a sense of humor about yourself, especially when you are well known. No, I am not talking about myself. My ego isn't THAT big, though I try to laugh at myself regularly since gives me something in common with my peers (see?). Anyway, Steve Ballmer's enthusiasm for our products and "developers, developers, developers, developers" is pretty well known in the software industry. And people love sound bytes.

So I LOVE this Domokun "Developers" video. I didn't know what Domokun was (warning, link to Domokun definition is PG-13...I warned you), and I'm still not sure. But the video rocks (my favorite part is with the cheerleaders)...bust a move you almost flexible candy-bar looking thing!

Speaking of Japanese things that I love, check out my Hidamari no Tami...keeping me mellow in my office (good luck little guy).