Rarely does an advertisement, stealth or otherwise, make me want to trip someone and steal his lunch money. But this one does  because it's not as cute as it thinks it is. Yeah, dude, we get it..you're so cool and stealth and cutting edge that we should want to drink what you drink. Only in this "advertisement" you remind me of that guy in high school that would yuk it up in class and even though people couldn't help but laugh, nobody wanted to hang out with him because he couldn't turn that stuff off. Enough! We know you're a hipster and your fake-honesty is cutting edge. Please, put the sugar water down.

(And by "dude", I mean the "dude" of the advertisement or whomever wrote the copy...who knows if it was even Kyle's idea, and if that's even a real name) 

Edit: just to clarify, I thought it was a fake (meaning sponsored) satirical stealth ad (under the guise of being an article) in a satirical publication, not a satirical article for a fake product in a satirical publication. I was thinking that Mountain Dew was appealing to people that like satire and are still in their demographic. Knowing now, that there's no such product (yeah, so I should have checked...my bad), I realize it's the latter. Thanks to all the meanies and trolls out there for clearing that up. Now you all have a good weekend and don't forget to kick your dog for being cute (psst, that's sarcasm) ; )