I was thinking about this topic this morning during my AM commute, if you can call it that (7-12 minutes door to door). I've been listening to Howard Stern since the early 90s when I was in LA (and when he was available wherever I was living at the time). I enjoy the news and interviews and I could sometimes catch snippets of them on my way into the office. Anyway, the local station broadcasting Howard is where I tuned my radio dial each morning. Of course, that all ended last week.

I read that Howard is disappointed that more people aren't signing up for Sirius now that he's moving over. I personally think that this will happen over time. OR people will find something else that interests them. Frankly, I don't spend enough time in my car to justify forking out the dough for a Sirius radio. When I want some music, I generally listen to my iPod. The radio was all about Howard and NPR for me.

So I am wondering now if prominent podcasters know what an opportunity exists here. Millions of eager ears in search of some interesting commute-time programming. I'm not suggesting that Adam Curry develop his own "whack pack"...just that all those Howard fans making decisions right now about where to tune in (let's not pretend that it's David Lee Roth, OK?).

I've personally subscribed to Hobson and Holtz's For Immediate Release ("woohoo..stop the presses!").

Has anyone else thought about this too?