I love the American Express advertisements. You know, the ones that make you want to be BFF with Kate Winslet, play cards at the breakfast table with Ellen Degeneres and her dog, admire the beauty of Ken Watanabe (come on, I'm not alone..admit it). The photos are striking and the questions make you feel like you are getting a little peek into the real person; the one you don't see on the red carpet. Anyway, since American Express hasn't asked yet (I just checked...my phone isn't broken), I thought I'd blog how I would answer the questions with the hopes that I am a fraction as interesting as Kate Winslet (ew, that kind of reads like "please love me", but it's just for fun not a need to be voted homecoming queen of the blogosphere). And because you are interesting too, you should do the same...

My name: Heather Hamilton

   childhood ambition: to be a lawyer because arguing is fun (and your parents think it's cute when you have an opinion on everything at 5 years old)

   fondest memory: late 70s/ Southern California/ New roller skates

   soundtrack: Garden State

   retreat: it's what happens when you already had a treat and you want another one. Ah, seriously, it's all about the call screening (at home).

   wildest dream: this is my work blog so I, uh, don't remember. Seriously, I have that one where I am falling all the time and also the one where I missed my last final exam in college and won't graduate and my life is ruined (don't bother analyzing...I already got it)

   proudest moment: 100% financially independent, 1991...I can still taste the PB&J

   biggest challenge: remembering to take my vitamins every day

   alarm clock: the thing that lets my dog know it's time to nudge me with a cold nose

   perfect day: one sandy beach, 85 degrees, good books, a cold cocktail

   first job: video store back when Beta was cool

   indulgence: champagne, seafood, Mexican food, Thai food, hand bags

   last purchase: lumber (I built a bed platform yesterday...really!)

   favorite movie: The Last Emperor, The Usual Suspects, This is Spinal Tap

   inspiration: the better me I imagine

My life: could change at any moment

My card: does not include a fax machine number


Edit: added link to ad site 1/4