Well, I am off to Vegas for a organization offsite. The group I am a part of right now is significantly field-based (mostly the sales and consulting recruiting teams), so they get together in exotic (OK, at least warm and sunny) locations for meetings on different things relevant to our roles (for example, the new government definition of an "applicant"). Also, it's highly likely that there will be some events that may or may not involve karaoke (not me though, I promise!). Part of it, I think is just to get the team together a few times a year and have some fun. I'm not really a gambler so "fun" for me is about good food and soaking in some sun. Blogging will probably be light for the next few days (unless one of our topics strikes me and I just can't wait to tell you about it). And I'll definitely take some pictures if anything really newsworthy happens (Elvis sightings, etc.) ; )