When I was heading off to Vegas and mentioned that I'd let you know about anything "newsworthy", this isn't really what I had in mind. I am going to blog about one of the weirder and possibly the creepiest thing that has ever happened to me (and I used to live in LA!). I actually debated about whether to blog this at all, but I decided that I really had to. This blog is about me and my personal experiences and it's also about marketing. As much as I might like to not relive the weirdness of this incident, I think that plenty could be learned about handling "customer issues". Anyway, enough stalling; this is what happened.

Last Wednesday, I was having a good morning. Dropped Jonas off at his boarding place, got my coffee and headed off to the airport looking forward to my trip to Vegas. Got to the airport with plenty of time and decided to "carry-on" my bag instead of checking it. I electronically checked in at the Alaska counter and headed off to my gate. When they called for "final boarding", I headed down the walkway to the plane. As I walked down, wheeling my bag, a man who appeared to be a baggage handler was standing near the entrance to the plane. I said "hi" and entered the plane...it was a full flight. I wheeled through first class and entered the main cabin where the flight attendant told me that there was no room for my bag in the overhead compartment and we would have to "gate check" it. She asked me to leave my bag at the front of the main cabin and to head back to my seat. She would retrieve the bag and have it gate checked.

She came back with a pink ticket for me and we joked about how nice it would be to have my bag waiting outside the plane when we got to Las Vegas, instead of at the baggage claim. Uneventful flight otherwise, arrived in Vegas and my bag was waiting for me right outside the plane, headed to my hotel, etc., etc. I go up to my room and one of my coworkers is with me. I unzip my bag so I can hang some of my clothes and I notice something in my bag that I didn't put there. It looks like a little piece of paper with writing on it. I picked it up. On one side, there's some kind of Alaska Airlines form with a paw print on it (I'd later find out, it was part of a tag that goes on a pet carrier when it's checked). On the other side (I kid you not), is a hand written note: " Ill like to Have sex with you U. Have a Nice Butt" and a phone number. Appears to be the same ink as the writing in the pink ticket (blue felt tip).

I don't know if you have ever had anything happen to you that made your skin go cold and your heart beat like crazy. I immediately felt completely shocked and a little sick. And I had just gotten to Vegas where there are plenty of other creepy things that cold have made me feel a little sick. Let's be clear, I really don't think this is about my butt at all; and it's not about sex.

I didn't really blog about this to explore the emotions someone feels when something creepy like this happens. What I want to talk about is how a company handles something like this. We've all seen blog posts about customer complaints and what companies do (or don't do) to address them. I don't have any relationship with Alaska Airline other than being a frequent flyer. I initially thought that perhaps if I blogged about his, Alaska Airlines wouldn't treat me as well in taking care of this issue. I've had several phone calls with them over the last several days. I'll update you on those soon as well as ongoing developments.

Definitely one flight I am never going to forget. Let's just hope that Alaska can do the right thing here (nothing has happened so far that makes me feel like they won't). More to come..