I've spoken with several people from Alaska Airlines. What I've learned, the person on the front lines (the main reservation number) can generally get you in touch with the right person...eventually. So I had to make a call to "customer care" and "central baggage' first. Linda in Boise was sympathetic (and very nice...someone give her a raise) and told me to document what I remember of the the incident. I called Customer Care the next day and spoke with Laurie who seemed totally shocked by the situation and sent me off to "Central Baggage". In "Central Baggage" I talked to a guy who couldn't have cared less, at least that was my impression. He pretty much just wanted me to fax the note over to him and get off the phone. But I had to remind myself that he's not in a customer facing job so I suspect he was wondering why the heck anyone sent me to him in the first place. I got 2 more voice mails at work (see, they figured out where I worked without me telling them) and 4 more at home with personal cell-phone numbers, etc. I called Ray, the Director of Customer Care back on Friday night. He told me they had already started an investigation (that's good) and would do something for me from a customer standpoint when we get through all this and he said he knew I was a frequent flier and good customer. I know I had another message from someone else in "Central Baggage" and I believe another one from ops. Anyway, Ray told me I would be dealing with him and their ops VP. At the VERY least, they are taking this thing seriously.

Today I e-mailed over a scanned copy of the offending note to Ray as well as my description of everything I remember. There's every indication that the guy is going to get fired when they figure out who he is. Ray seemed to think that the guy was doing it to set someone else up (with the phone number) and said that they had tried reverse directory. I really hope they can figure out who did this and that there's some accountability.

Anyway, I'll let you all know what happens. I think that either this is going to be a good story about how Alaska makes things right or it's just going to be a creepy story that I tell people when I am sitting on a plane from another airlines. Seriously, I'm all for giving Alaska the benefit of the doubt because they do seem intent on correcting this situation and they seemed genuinely concerned. If their follow-through lives up to my expectations, I'll be considering that this is all about one creepy guy who their contractor hired and how a company ensured customer loyalty under really bad circumstances. We'll see.