No, it's not a new year resolution (told you, I don't do that). The open enrollment for our health club benefit makes the new memberships start in January (there's no charge for employees). I have a treadmill at home but thought I would be more motivated if I could mix it up a little (plus, wait until you see our club), so I decided to rejoin, especially since they did a renovation a few years back to make it ginormous. To be completely honest, I hate exercise, both before and during it. Afterward I feel great. My goal is to increase my general fitness level and try to handle the problems I have with insomnia (it started in high school and I get it in few month cycles...go figure). I kind of have to trick myself into exercising. This time, it took a big investment in some cute workout clothes (an oxymoron? maybe). And I'll need to keep thinking of more reasons why I should do it. For example, today I am working from home so it's an excuse to get out of the house. The 5:30 Step Fitness Class (how old school, I know) has my name all over it. Pretty soon it's going to have my sweat all over it too.