Someone owes me a bottle of wine (you know who you are); a nice one. Since the person has to ship it to me anyway, I thought I'd try something different and do some research. I've bought from before. So I do some searches and nothing jumps out at me so I  decide look at their employee recommendations page. Clearly Pinot Noir is the popular wine (darn you Paul Giamatti), but I already have some Pinot's I like and living in the PNW (that's the Pacific Northwest...yikes, am I becoming the Rachel Ray of blogging?), we get our share of that here. At the bottom of the page, there's a link to e-mail their wine buyer, so I did....about 2 weeks ago. Sent a mail asking for a recommendation including price range, varieties I'd like to try and flavors I enjoy. Not one single peep from And you'd think a wine buyer would be able to rattle off some recommendations lickety-split.

Seriously, doesn't a contact link on a page (especially on an eCommerce site) do more harm than good if you don't actually respond?