OK, final update on the Alaska Airlines sitch. Last week was nice, not talking about it and not blogging about it. So when I got a voice mail from the Americas SVP at Menzies (Alaska Air's contractor) last Friday, I was hoping it was coming to some kind of resolution and it has. First, let me say that the voice mail from this gentleman sounded sincerely apologetic. He used the word "hideous" to describe my experience several times in the message. That type of corporate contrition is much appreciated and it makes a difference. The Alaska Airlines folks were apologetic, but one of them told me that perhaps the note was meant for someone else. Hopefully he realizes why he shouldn't have said that (especially after I asked "what difference does it make?"). To be clear, the note was not received by me as flattery.

Anyway, it seems that Menzies, through their investigation, has determined that only one person handled my bag during the gate check and that person no longer works for them. Don't ask me about the investigation and how it was carried out. I don't know. I'm not a crime fighter, just a creeped out customer. I'm comfortable that they did the proper due diligence to determine that it was the right person. All involved seemed to be taking it seriously.

Do I feel better? A little. Wish it had not happened in the first place and I don't take pleasure in someone losing their job, even if it was because he did something really stupid that I reported. He should have known better but obviously he didn't and I find that a little sad. Anyway, it's over.