Here's some good reading for anyone who cares about the impact talent can have on an organization.

Jeff Hunter questions whether it's all about the talent, specifically whether it's all about the stars. I love it when Jeff writes about this kind of thing because he's much more articulate about these topics than some of his similarly inclined/motivated blog readers (and his posts always seem to be researched and significantly thought do you do that Jeff? When do you sleep?).

I was going to refer to Jeff as someone who "gets it", but then using that phrase means I wouldn't be able to give him a hard time for referring to the clichéd "it" (seriously, every time Petros Papadakis on Fox Sports says "it's all about the O", I can't help but yell at my TV set). Hopefully, he'll provide more detail on what "it" is (Jeff, not Petros).